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Marriage & Love Compatibility

Horoscope matching or Kundli At the moment of marriage, matching is crucial. According to Hindu scriptures, marriage is a divine union that was intended before conception. One of life’s most lovely experiences is getting married. Everyone desires a good spouse with whom they may share happy times and make lovely memories.

Marriage & Love Compatibility

What is Marriage Compatibility ?

For a family to be successful, harmonic, and tranquil, the couple must be compatible. Marriage should be robust because it serves as the cornerstone of a better society. A strong marriage also depends on the personalities of the parties involved, which are influenced by their upbringing and horoscopes (called kundali). Therefore, Guna ponthana (graha compatibility) is crucial for a successful marriage.

Marriages are supposedly created in paradise. God completes a person by pairing them with a life mate who has the power to alter their course. The quality of marriages affects how cohesive a society is.

Why Is Marriage Compatibility Important?

Marriage is the first step in creating a new society and is more than just a rite. Hinduism is a way of life, not a religion. Great thinkers and astrologers in ancient times included rishis and saints. Based on the time and location of birth, they have developed a science that determines how the velocity and energies of the planets in the universe affect human life. This is not a topic that developed overnight. It required a great deal of attention over many centuries, along with careful observation and calculation of the motions of the planets and stars. The phases and motion of the planets are always connected to every stage of life.

Indian marriage customs are regarded as among the most significant because they involve not just the couple but also their family. The system holds that two people can be in perfect harmony for all of eternity. The method encourages the husband and wife to practise dharma, Ardha, and kama in order to eventually achieve moksha (emancipation). The fact that a Hindu marriage is irreversible is its most significant characteristic.

Marriage & Love Compatibility
Marriage & Love Compatibility

The stringent application of guna ponthana is part of the traditional marriage system, and an age difference of 5, 7, or 11 years was used to match couples. This prevents ego confrontations and allows the grahas to transition into other rashis throughout time. Jupiter and Saturn have favourable Kona stithi (planetary angle), which makes the marriage possible because they move through five and two rashis, respectively.

But because there are only 1 or 2 years between partners in today’s marriage system, improper interactions between rashis can have a negative impact on a couple’s relationship. For instance, there may be times when a husband and wife are both aggressive, and there may also be times when they are both going through challenging times. The recommended age difference of 5, 7 or 11 years ensures that if one spouse exhibits aggression at certain moments, the other will be quiet and serene (based on their compatibility with the grahas) and many other similar situations where they will counterbalance one another.

Life is about transformation, and that’s important. According to a study we did, the western method of marriage compatibility should be taken into account in addition to the traditional guna ponthana. For a more thorough study, we also follow western marriage compatibility. For us, determining marital compatibility entails selecting the best choice from the available options (just like we chose between a blade, knife, and a saw).