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Gemology Services

Shivanadi provides services for gemstone astrology. We work with us to select the gemstones that will be used in finger rings or pendants.The five elements of fire, water, earth, sky, and air make up the entirety of the cosmos, and without them, no one can survive on the planet, according to the ancient science and wisdom of the Vedas.

Nature gives man gems as a gift. Since the beginning of time, and into the future, man has been drawn to diamonds. Due to the influence of their heavenly power, gems not only decorate the body as decorations but also prevent a number of issues.

Gemology Services

Different chemical substances make up gems. These diamonds differ according to where they are found as well. The colour, hardness, aura, and transparency of a gem all affect its quality and cost.

This is accomplished using Vedic practises and writings.

Gems are closely associated with Indian Vedic astrology because they are thought to be even more potent than the planets. These gems are used by our gemstone advisor to treat a variety of issues, including black magic, bad luck, and other issues.

Nadi Astrology : What Is It?

Gems influence human behaviour in accordance with the motions of several planets, amplifying any beneficial effects or minimising any adverse effects. When worn according to the birth chart during specific seasons and times, they offer a number of advantages in the workplace, profession, or personal life.

Wearing jewels is considered to be a sacred ritual in Vedic astrology. They are also revered as deities. Gems are utilised in religious rituals like yagya and hawan and other forms of worship.

Gems should only be worn if you are aware of their beneficial effects; otherwise, they won’t have any impact on your horoscope or birth chart. While some people utilise diamonds for personal reasons to live prosperous lives with God’s favour, others use them for business or career. You should use our gemology services, which will aid you in selecting the ideal gemstone for you.

The most powerful stone, a diamond has an extremely powerful effect on people. It is thought to offer assistance from a wide range of issues.

Gemology Services
Gemology Services

In various situations, rubies, emeralds, sapphires, topaz, and pearls are also said to be particularly effective. They can be worn as needed to receive particular benefits.

The outcomes of wearing jewels depend on a number of variables, including the planets in your horoscope or birth chart, astrologically timed yoga practises, daily nutrition regimens, and regular routine activities like walking or exercise.

It is suggested that you wear gemstones only after speaking with a reputable Top Gemologist . Not only will this technique help you succeed, it will also keep you out of a lot of trouble.