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Online Nadi Astrology in Tamilnadu

The Vaitheeswaran Koil, a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva in Tamil Nadu, India, is where Nadi astrology first emerged. With clients in more than 100 countries, we are not only among the oldest but also among the most well-known astrological centres in the world. The international community continues to be interested in it as a source of affordable, accurate projections as a result. In Tamilnadu, we offer a variety of nadi josiyam. We also offer Shivanadi’s Online Nadi astrology in Tamilnadu.

Online Nadi Astrology in Tamilnadu

It is possible to learn about one’s history and future destiny through nadi astrology, a science that makes use of antiquated palm leaf writings produced by Rishi munis around 1200 BC through their vast knowledge, as well as one’s thumb creases to discover related texts and make predictions. The 18 siddhars decided to extend the benefit and assist future generations by writing down complete texts about one’s life in palm leaf manuscripts about one’s past life, present life, and future life. These siddhars included kalangi Nathar, Agasthyar, Konganaar, Sivavakkiyar, Idaikadar, Bogar, and others who had a significant influence on Tamil literature and philosophy and would offer advice to common people.

Many people in Tamilnadu are confused and experiencing problems in their personal, professional, interpersonal, and other aspects of their lives. Nadi astrology in Tamilnadu can help you anticipate and be prepared for future challenges as well as provide solutions to all of those unique requests. Nadi astrology is used by people in Tamilnadu to their benefit. Online Nadi Astrology In Tamilnadu is offered by Indian astrologers.

You must first upload your thumb imprint and proof of registration fee payment to the website in order to receive Nadi Astrology in Tamilnadu. As soon as we get your thumbprint and entrance fee, we will have a virtual meeting with you and sketch up the palm leaf that contains your future predictions. After receiving the fees for prediction and tracing the palm leafcontaining your future predictions, we will meet with you online to interpret the predictions before sending you the audio of the predictions through email. If you want a Nadi astrology reading in Tamilnadu online, please get in touch with us.

History of Nadi Astrology

The works were composed in Tamil Nadu using the maharishis’ old script Vattezhuthu (sages). As many as 18 sages are credited with creating the idea, with Agastya being the most well-known. Astrologers in the area of Tamil Nadu’s Vaitheeswaran Temple made the writings’ records famous. Based on a person’s thumb impressions—the right thumb for men and the left thumb for women—the Naadi palm leaves are located. In Tanjore, Tamil Nadu, in the Saraswati Mahal Library, these leaves were kept. A number of the leaves were eventually burned, while others were sold at auction during the British era. Then, family members of astrologers in Vaitheeswaran Temple purchased the palm leaves. Since then, the leaves have been passed from one generation to the other.

Nadi Astrology Method

First, Nadi astrologers make a thumbprint of the subject on paper—the left thumb for women and the right thumb for men. The leaves are packaged according to categories since each thumb impression falls into a specific group.

The Nadi astrologer begins reading the leaf after locating the bundle containing the leaf that corresponds to your thumb imprint. He verifies some fundamental facts like the date of birth and names of the parents, etc.

It is proven that the leaf belongs to you if the details line up with the responses you gave. The Nadi astrologers will look for your leaf in the larger main centre in Tamil Nadu if it is not discovered.

They don’t charge you anything if your leaf is not located despite the tireless efforts of workers for hours. Only if you receive the notebook with the translated text from the leaf (in Hindi or English) are you expected to pay them. Additionally, a tape with the translator’s recorded words is available. If the leaf solely contains your information, you may also take it home with you. However, this rarely happens very infrequently.